Molten Iron Throwing (打鐵花/DaShuHua)

Chinese invented the firework. Does anybody know how the firework from? I found out the answer recently. It called Molten Iron Throwing, it is one entertainment in Spring and Autumn, the Northern Song. Because of the War, Chinese people were used a lot of  iron to made weapons. After produced those weapons, there some discarded materials leave over. What can people do with these useless things? People came up an idea to make these useless things became a fun Continue reading “Molten Iron Throwing (打鐵花/DaShuHua)”


Four Characteristic of Light for Photography
  1. At any fixed distance, the large the light source, the softer its illumination. Penumbra(softer light) between highlight and shadow.

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Three Principles of light in Photography

img_3509Knowing the most important characteristic of light is very helpful to take beautiful photos. What is the main thing that can’t miss in a photo? A subject and background. what else? It is Light. Wherever you take a photo or when you choose, you always need “light.” So how to control light is very important. Moreover, this is a useful tool that helps you become a successful photographer.



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