Three Principles of light in Photography

img_3509Knowing the most important characteristic of light is very helpful to take beautiful photos. What is the main thing that can’t miss in a photo? A subject and background. what else? It is Light. Wherever you take a photo or when you choose, you always need “light.” So how to control light is very important. Moreover, this is a useful tool that helps you become a successful photographer.




Edited by Jiamin Zeng

Light always travels in straight lines (every single ray of light). whatever sunlight or any light source, they always give straight light. For example, spotlights, infrared ray, Tyndall effect.

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The angle of incidence is equal to an opposite the angle of reflection. (For creating the highlight and shadow) When the surface is flat, then the angle of reflection would be the same. On the other hand, different type of surface will affect the light reflection. Such as water, curve shape, smooth surface or rough surface, etc.

Edited by Jiamin Zeng

Inverse Square Law. Intensity=1/d²(d=distance) It is the regular pattern for checking the distance from the light source to the object. in general, the further away the object moves, the less light absorb.