Molten Iron Throwing (打鐵花/DaShuHua)

Chinese invented the firework. Does anybody know how the firework from? I found out the answer recently. It called Molten Iron Throwing, it is one entertainment in Spring and Autumn, the Northern Song. Because of the War, Chinese people were used a lot of  iron to made weapons. After produced those weapons, there some discarded materials leave over. What can people do with these useless things? People came up an idea to make these useless things became a fun and attractive entertainment. Thousand years ago. the light bulb wasn’t invented yet. People only used oil lamp for night time, so people did not have much activity for night time. Maybe look at the stars. Until somebody created a nice and shiny light, just like stars, by using the discarded iron.

Here is the way how people created the “first generation” of firework. People would use the discarded iron, and melted them in a very high-temperature pot. Then they used a shovel to scoop up a small amount of metal liquid. Next, throw it to the wall. By the way, I want to notice, this performance has to take place in a wide ground. The beautiful and bling-bling firework was formed. According to video, the interviewee said everyone can play perform it as long as you are a strong person and not afraid of it.

After the Molten Iron Throwing has been widely applied. Taoism used it for worship ceremony, and people used it to celebrate the spring festival. The golden age of molten iron throwing was between Ming and Qing dynasty. As the time goes, Firework replaces Molten Iron Throwing. However, I personally love the traditional way. This iron light comes out beautifully. On the other hand, it lights up the sky. it appears in people’s life, and it makes life more wonderful. Moreover, it represents human’s knowledge.