Sky Lantern(孔明灯)

Sky Lantern is original from Sichuan, China, It is the first generation of hot air balloon, and it passed on to other countries. Sky Lantern also called Kongming light. According to legend, a chancellor in the Three Kingdoms, called Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kongming. He was a very smart person, known as a strategist, astronomer and geographer. One time, Kongming was locked up by Yi Sima, so Kongming wrote down urgent information on sky lantern, and made sure weather condition, then he released it to inform people. Finally, he survived. From that time, sky lantern has another name, Kongming light.It was applied in many wars for sending messages. For now, people lights the sky lantern for celebrating festivals, making good wishes and continuing our tradition.

Many nations release sky lanterns for different reason or meaning. In China, released sky lanterns became one part of our festivals, like Chinese Mooncake Festival, and Lantern Festivals. In the southern China, many people would like to write good wishes on sky lanterns.



In Thailand, Thai people called it “floating lanterns.” They release floating lanterns for special occasions, like Lanna Yi Peng festival. This is held on a full moon of February of the Lanna calendar. On this festival, thousands lanterns are released to the sky, like jelly fishes are floating in the air. It became populars in everywhere of Thailand, and people use this activity to celebrate festivals. on the other hand, Thai people would like to use lanterns to decorate their houses, gardens and temples with different paper lanterns.

Mexico people release lanterns for Dia de Muertos in very 1st and 2nd of November. They use lanterns to guide their family member who past away, and shows the right direction for them to a new world.

Portland people release lantern in every June 21(Midsummer). In this activity, People express the feeling of what they have for this year and pray for next year.

Russian release lanterns for celebrating the Russian Muharram.