DIY Sky Lanterns

You can buy Sky Lanterns from some supermarkets and online stores, but they usually are white color or other single colors. However, you can design your own style. Let’s get prepare.


  1. At Least 4 Pieces of Paper(1m x 1m). the lightest one would be perfect. Chinese would like to use rice paper. Chose any color you like.
  2. 1 Scissor and knief.
  3. 1 Ruler.
  4. Some Pencils/Pens
  5. Glue and tape
  6. Steel wire
  7. Bamboo batten
  8. Candles
  9. one Small plate
  10. Fire protection



Production Method

  1. Use scissor to cut those 4 pieces of paper in half, then use pencil to mark down lines on the paper(like the picture above)
  2. Use fire protection on papers, let them avoid fire.
  3. Glue two different color paper together.




4. Fold the paper into half. Then, put the sample on top of the paper, and cut it out. We need four pieces.





5. Put 4 Pieces of paper overlap together.





6. Then, use white glue to glue all the edges together.





7. Let the glue dry. For this time, we should prepare for lantern’s foundation. Use bamboo batten to construct it. the width of it would be around 1 cm, and lenth would be around 80 cm. You can use tape to put the short pieces together.





8. Then, use steel wire to stable the foundation. like the picture below.





9. Put some white glue on the outside of the foundation, then put the paper stick on the foundation to stable the bottom part.






10. Use small plate, put a candle or some alcohol on this. And stick it on the steel wire.

11. You can draw any thing you like or write down wishes on it, then it is time to let it fly.







You can also try to do different shape of lartern. try it out and have fun.