Framing Beautiful Firework Without a Tripod

Every time you meet a festival. there must a firework show in the night. And many people want to take photos of firework. Here are some techniques and setting that help you to shoot without a tripod.

1. Use longer shutter speed

Set up the longer shutter speed to record the motion or the movement of firework. Then, you photograph unique photos. Sometimes, one photo could be capture multiple patterns. the photo above, photographer use 4 seconds for exposure. But the longer exposure you use, the hand shake would become obvious. However, the movement comes out very nice. At this point, you could use some flat surface, like a ground. If you have a tripod with you, you could try longer exposure. Remember do not move your camera while you taking photos.

2. Small aperture

Using small aperture is better, like between f/8- f/16. the benefit for this is to keep all the colors, and the movement of the firework. If you choose bigger aperture, the color could be changed, and the whole photo would be too bright.

3. ISO 100

Use ISO 100 to take photos, then you easy to control or adjust the aperture and shutter speed. Always set the ISO at 100, then set the time for exposure, finally, set up the aperture. You can try different combinations.

4. Wide angle lens

Most photographers use wide angle lens to shoot fireworks. Wide angle lens could do thing that other lens cannot do. For example, Using wide angle lens that it record the process of the firework would be more successful. On the other hand, wide angle lens have less sensitive to hand shake. So that is good for holding a camera by hands. When you use wide angle lens, you should choose a wider place. Then, you will not disturb by many people. Try that data above, you should give an effective photo.

5. Focus point

Generally speaking, you should set up the focus point by using Manual. After you set it up, then you change the Manual focus to Auto focus.

6. Keep it steady

If you move the camera during the framing accidentally, it will affect the outcomes. You have no worry while you are using tripod. What if you don’t have it with you at that time? you can use some helpers. Like post box, telephone pole or wall.

I believe you get to prepare like I list above, you will at least take some beautiful photo of firework.