Six Tips for Portrait Studio Lighting

Portrait Photography not only take place outside but also take place in a studio. Defining lighting in a studio is very important. So for here, I am going to list different light set up, then to see what are the different outcomes.




1. Softbox


The softbox is one of the common light sources. Its light is soft, and it is easy to make the white balance of photos. You can choose one soft box, and put it on model’s left or right side. The soft box would be put a little bit higher than the model. Then turn it 45 degrees down towards to the model.

2. Highlight


If you feel there is a little bit too dark, then you could use a reflector. Put it on the opposite side of the main light source. This reflector could reflect some light in order to bring out the details. Therefore, the photo would be clearer and highlight the model or object.

3. Contrast


To use reflectors for adding the brightness, but using black cardboards or black fabrics would show the opposite way. In general, it uses for decrease the light of one side of model or object. Therefore, that makes the contrast stronger.

4. Back Lighting


If you want to add a different mood to a photo, then you can try back-lighting. it brings a model’s hair out more layer. At the same time, a silhouette makes this model looks more attractive.

5. Side Light


Soft box‘s intensity is stronger than side light. Side light can fill in the negative side of this model, so it helps to reduce the light side and the dark side.

6. Neutral Gels

Adding different neutral gel in front of the light sources, so the lighting would build up different light effect. This technique is usually seen in fashion magazines, movies,etc.