High Key lighting and Low Key Lighting


Taking high key photos and low key photos are not that easy. First, you have to understand the definition, and know to control the light setting. It is a challenge for you that to keep most details in the high-key lighting and low-key light photos. In other words, In a high key photo, there should not keep black color. Same to low key photos, you shouldn’t keep white color.



This is Zone System


The picture above shows:

  1. When you are taking a high key photo, all the color should be between zone 6 to 9.
  2. When you are taking a low key photo, all the color should be between zone 1 to 4.
  3. Zone 0 means pure black, and Zone 10 means pure white.

Key Lighting

  • Mood is a subjective idea.
  • Photographers refer to the key or brightness key instead of mood.
  • No one factor determines key.
  • Subject matter.

Low Key Lighting

  • Large prominent area of dark
  • Serious
  • Formal
  • Dignified in mood
  • requires more side and black lighting

High Key Lighting

  • Light and bright
  • Artwork create with this type of lighting pre often describe as youthful – happy mood

From High key to low key, the energy has changed. High key photos give audiences a sense of honest and sad. But low key photos give a sense of simple, bright, and kind of future.

Reference: http://www.fotobeginner.com/4256/high-key-low-key-photo/