How to shoot High key lighting and low key lighting photos

First, choosing the right subject is the first step. The brighter color skin would be the first choice for high key lighting, and the darker color skin would be the best choice for low-key lighting.













  1. Model. You should pay attention to his or her eyes and hair. You can use makeup to hide the things you don’t want.
  2. The distance between the camera to subject. Generally, the close shot is a nice choice, because the contrast and the exposure are easier to be controlled.
  3.  Not recommend for land space shooting. Because it has a big contrast, and hard to control the exposure.
  4. Set the photo file as RAW file. Because RAW file is able to make a change after you put it in Photoshop.
  5. Use soft light. When you take it in a studio, Softbox is the first choice. If you shoot at home, you can use the natural light that through a window. You can decrease some light by adding a piece of fabric. To use white reflectors to add more light.
  6. Design. You are the photographer, so you can design what color should the model wear. On the other hand, to set up the scenes you want.
  7. In general, when you shoot high key lighting, the aperture would start at f/5.6, and the shutter speed would start at 1/15s. On the other hand, low key lighting aperture starts at f/5.6, and shutter speed starts at 1/250s.