“light” is the resource from the sky, like sunlight and moonlight. a long time ago,Thomas Alva Edison had a great invention-light the bulb. human is able to do more activities, like factory work. As time goes on, the light bulb is not only for lighting and working. nowadays, light is programmable. it could be displayed by many different form or different materials, and it is also could be an artwork.


Lillian Fu, was my Arch 100 guest, her topic is about lighting. she presented how the lighting design process and show us new light technology. I am interested in her presentation. what she said that makes me think interior design is not only to place the color on wall or place unique furniture, lighting is very important in interior design.


In this picture, it is a hotel lobby. the lampshade is a cube. the simple shape gives a feeling of stable and quite. surfaces are not smooth, and it can make the light softer. therefore, this technique makes the guest feel comfortable.


In the living area, soft and warm lighting is necessary. the family usually talk to each other in this area. sometimes, we share happy times or bad times. soft lighting could make people feel warm, and feel safe to share what they want to.


This is a big living area. there is a big lighting space. there have many bulbs set on the wall. the designer creates a lampshade with movement by using random surfaces, which break the quiet space.

I would like to say, lighting is the most important element for a house. With lighting, a house comes to alive. It is an almost important adjustment for a comfortable living area. There are so many design-able lighting around you. Please take a look at some beautiful and unique lighting designs:




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