The Most Shocking City Night Scene In Asia

International city never go to sleep. When the night comes, then light turns on. lighting lights up the city; at the same time, lighting makes the city become more energy. The wonderful night scene has been be a signature of international city. I choose some of the wonderful international city that most people would agree with. I went to these three place, and I was attracted by them. Therefore, I introduce them to somebody who is interested in.

Hong Kong, It is a wonderful city. I have been to there couple time. In this small place, there is a big population. While walking on the street, you can feel Hong Kong citizens walk very fast. Because of the hard working Hong Kong people, they built a beautiful city and show it to the world. This picture is took at the Victoria Harbor; facing to the Victoria Peak. There is a long beach along to the Victoria Harbor, so you can enjoy the night scene easily. At the same time, there is a lighting show every day at 8 pm. Please Do not miss it. I bet you will love the city after you see that.


Shanghaiis a coastal city of China. Because of the historical reasons, Shanghai has a lot of Western building. There also a big population, many Chinese wants to work there and live there. It is a big city, but not a busy place. many tourists go sightseeing and enjoy the life style over there. Those buildings combine with modern building makes it more charming.  the Huangpu river is the main river of Shanghai, because it divers the new area and old area. The Shanghai bund is the best place to watch its night scene. Standing on the bund, you can see the changed between the old buildings and the modern buildings.







Singapore, is a small country. But many people love to go there and spend time on their vacation. there is a very famous hotel located in Downtown, Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It is a landmark of Singapore. Along the bay, there are all unique building. Like Garden by the Bay, and Singapore Flyer. Singapore’s weather is very nice. I was sitting outside the Singapore Flyer for couple minutes, just for enjoying the beautiful night scene.



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