Beautiful Cities Night Scene in the World

seattle by JM
Seattle by JM

I had a post called “The Most Shocking City Night Scene In Asia”. I wrote three cities that I have been there before. Today, I am going to explore other famous cities in the world. I haven’t had a chance to visit, so I want to make a “plan” for myself. Maybe say a “review” with some of you. I found out a lot of International cities that has wonderful night scene. Let’s take a look.

New York

The Biggest city in the Untied Stated. My friend always sent the night scene of New York to me, and I usually see it on TV, Internet. I can forget its beauty by look through the pictures. It is never going to sleep.

Las Vegas

WOW!There is an amazing city. I keep saying that. I post my trip before, and I keep thinking about this city in the desert. The lighting keeps shining all the time, including the building; and People’s smailing.


I heard that the Landon Eye was so beautiful, and I alway want to go. Along the River Thames, it is a landmark of London. And those decorating lights make London
more attractive.


It locates at the southeast of China. I am very familiar with many beautiful places in Taiwan because I always watch Taiwan TV shows. Lol… But I have to say, on every New year (January 1st). There is a firework show in the Taipei 101 building. This is the most wonderful show I like to see.


I think it is the most romantic city in the world. I believe I will walk slowly, and enjoy its fascination hour and hour.



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