Vitor Schietti

He is a photographer from Brazil. He uses long-time expose to take these photo. I Love these photos! He uses lighting to re-create te form of trees. He also gives trees a new meaning. They are alive, and they are powerful.

It is so hard for me to chose my favorite photo, because each has its magic power. He combines light design with the natural environment. In general, most of us would use flashlights to shoot, or set up lighting. But light setting sounds not possible in natural environments, like lakes, jungles, and woods. He comes with this idea to live up the trees, rocks, and water; I think that is amazing. Lighting movement only lights up the area, but also shows its form.

Artist represents the natural world with little fireworks. I feel its beauty. I feel they are not alone. I feel they powerful. I feel their past and future. I think people cannot imagine these objects would be so different from the day. This technic is seeing often in the city night, but I feel Vitor Schietti’s idea is more interesting; and relate to nature.

Here is his website:


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