Brief Introduction of Camera

The traditional Camer uses film to finish the shooting. the image quality is due to the photosensitive material. When you finish shooting, you need to go to a darkroom for printing. Before you finish printing, you can let the film expose by the light. We have black and white, and color films.
  • Instant Camera

This instant camera was produced in the 1970s by Polaroid Corporation. there are few bottoms on it, and it is very easy to shoot photos. Although the digital camera took its place, we still have many big fans of instant camera. Like many young people use it to record the wonderful moments. Instagrams represent same kind ideas of instant camera.
  • Digital Camera

Digital camera replaces the film camera, because digital-camera uses a sensor to record digital images. Moreover, it is more reusable. You can view the image immediately, if you don’t like it, you can delete it and take another. it is convenient to use in our daily life.


  • Small Format Camera(135 Film Camera)

Small Format Camera uses 135 film, the frame size is 24mm X 36mm. One roll of 135 film can shoot the range between 12, 24 and 36 photos. Most people would choose the dominant of 36. Right now, it has upgraded to digital. Like small format SLR camera.