“The City of Light” (Las Vegas)


I can’t forget my trip to Las Vegas. That was my first family trip after we moved to the USA. I have to say, it was so tired when we get there. We drove 9 hours to get there, however, we enjoyed it. On the road 152, I saw thousand and thousand stars in the sky. that was a wonderful night in my life. I believe some of you will agree with me if you drive all night long. Continue reading ““The City of Light” (Las Vegas)”


The History of Neon Light


1902 Georges Claude-Develops the First Neon Lamp

Georges Claude was a French engineer a chemist, inventor and a pioneer in the development of neon lighting and signs. His discoveries and inventions made a milestone in Neon Technology. In around 1902, he is the first person to apply an electrical discharge to create a first neon tube. His invention made the neon lighting to be used longer. Eight years later (In around 1910), Claude showed his first neon lamp to public in Paris. In 1912, Claude’s assistant, Jaques Fonseque, sold the first commercial neon sign to a Barber. Continue reading “The History of Neon Light”

Museum of Neon Art (MONA)


This is a museum that has many artists’ Neon Artworks in this exhibition place. It is located  in Los Angles, California, the United State. Their mission is to encourage people to learn about Neon light. How it works and how to keep them. It also mentions that Neon is a way to learn scientific principles and artistic
expression. like the electrical
technology, and creative design, and Continue reading “Museum of Neon Art (MONA)”

Aurora Borealis/the Northern Light


Aurora is one of Greek goddess’s name. At the same time, Aurora is an amazing light effect on our planet. In the sky of Arctic and Antarctic, which is in the high latitudes area, atoms of the Thermal layer hit each other, then makes these shine light. There are between latitude 66 to 99. Every year, there are thousand and thousand tourists hope to see this gorgeous light. Continue reading “Aurora Borealis/the Northern Light”

Tyndall effect


In photography, Tyndall Effect has another name, called God Light. In general, Tyndall Effect was found by an England physicist, John Tyndall. In his colloid studies, he found out that straight light is formed by the molecular of colloid. During the light propagation process, the incident of light go through an object, and it would change the angle of light.



Continue reading “Tyndall effect”

Three Principles of light in Photography

img_3509Knowing the most important characteristic of light is very helpful to take beautiful photos. What is the main thing that can’t miss in a photo? A subject and background. what else? It is Light. Wherever you take a photo or when you choose, you always need “light.” So how to control light is very important. Moreover, this is a useful tool that helps you become a successful photographer.



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