Light and Architecture

I think architecture is about space, form, idea, element and nature elements. It could be a house, public place, business place or art work, therefore, architecture is for human needs. For example, in this image, architect’s idea is about human and nature. it built in the wood, and its material is wood. architect combines the building and the environment. lighting makes this building looks more humanize. It is an irregular shape, architect use amusing curve line to replace a boring straight line of the roof. Lighting shows more texture and shadow. The lighting is unified and warm color tone, it makes people feel comfortable to stay even in the cold winter.

The lighting effect is a soul of a building. It makes up a feeling, color, texture, and the environment. I choose these four pictures as examples to show, how lighting affects the environment and people’s feeling.

Lighting is a basic and necessary thing for architecture, also I think it is the hardest thing to be designed.

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