Aurora Borealis/the Northern Light

Aurora is one of Greek goddess’s name. At the same time, Aurora is an amazing light effect on our planet. In the sky of Arctic and Antarctic, which is in the high latitudes area, atoms of the Thermal layer hit each other, then makes these shine light. There are between latitude 66 to 99. Every year, there are thousand and thousand tourists hope to see this gorgeous light. Continue reading “Aurora Borealis/the Northern Light”


Tyndall effect×300.jpg

In photography, Tyndall Effect has another name, called God Light. In general, Tyndall Effect was found by an England physicist, John Tyndall. In his colloid studies, he found out that straight light is formed by the molecular of colloid. During the light propagation process, the incident of light go through an object, and it would change the angle of light.



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How to shoot High key lighting and low key lighting photos

First, choosing the right subject is the first step. The brighter color skin would be the first choice for high key lighting, and the darker color skin would be the best choice for low-key lighting. Continue reading “How to shoot High key lighting and low key lighting photos”

High Key lighting and Low Key Lighting

Taking high key photos and low key photos are not that easy. First, you have to understand the definition, and know to control the light setting. It is a challenge for you that to keep most details in the high-key lighting and low-key light photos. In other words, In a high key photo, there should not keep black color. Same to low key photos, you shouldn’t keep white color.



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Six Tips for Portrait Studio Lighting

Portrait Photography not only take place outside but also take place in a studio. Defining lighting in a studio is very important. So for here, I am going to list different light set up, then to see what are the different outcomes.




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DIY Sky Lanterns

You can buy Sky Lanterns from some supermarkets and online stores, but they usually are white color or other single colors. However, you can design your own style. Let’s get prepare.


  1. At Least 4 Pieces of Paper(1m x 1m). the lightest one would be perfect. Chinese would like to use rice paper. Chose any color you like.
  2. 1 Scissor and knief.
  3. 1 Ruler.
  4. Some Pencils/Pens
  5. Glue and tape Continue reading “DIY Sky Lanterns”

Sky Lantern(孔明灯)

Sky Lantern is original from Sichuan, China, It is the first generation of hot air balloon, and it passed on to other countries. Sky Lantern also called Kongming light. According to legend, a chancellor in the Three Kingdoms, called Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kongming. He was a very smart person, known as a strategist, astronomer and geographer. One time, Kongming was locked up by Yi Sima, so Kongming wrote down urgent information on sky lantern, and made sure Continue reading “Sky Lantern(孔明灯)”

Molten Iron Throwing (打鐵花/DaShuHua)

Chinese invented the firework. Does anybody know how the firework from? I found out the answer recently. It called Molten Iron Throwing, it is one entertainment in Spring and Autumn, the Northern Song. Because of the War, Chinese people were used a lot of  iron to made weapons. After produced those weapons, there some discarded materials leave over. What can people do with these useless things? People came up an idea to make these useless things became a fun Continue reading “Molten Iron Throwing (打鐵花/DaShuHua)”