Natural Light

Sunlight and the Natural World

Lake Merced

There were a nice weather and quite Sunday morning. There was fresh breeze, fresh air, and warm sunlight. I felt like everything is freeze, so I walked along the pathway and took some photos to record the day.

Lake Merced

The water surface is flat, just like a mirror. Deadwood seems still alive by the sunlight. They are showing their own unique shape and attitude to life.


Look at the white fence and the cold concrete road, they all give people a cold feeling. the sunlight goes through the fence, and it makes a nice little rectangular. Those make a natural rhythm, and they created by the Sun.

Sunlight is the best gift to every human, every animal, every plant and every little thing in the world. Sunlight makes everything alive, even thought deadwood or man-made material. It always makes the view more balance and familiar.