Framing Beautiful Firework Without a Tripod

Every time you meet a festival. there must a firework show in the night. And many people want to take photos of firework. Here are some techniques and setting that help you to shoot without a tripod. Continue reading “Framing Beautiful Firework Without a Tripod”


Sky Lantern(孔明灯)

Sky Lantern is original from Sichuan, China, It is the first generation of hot air balloon, and it passed on to other countries. Sky Lantern also called Kongming light. According to legend, a chancellor in the Three Kingdoms, called Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kongming. He was a very smart person, known as a strategist, astronomer and geographer. One time, Kongming was locked up by Yi Sima, so Kongming wrote down urgent information on sky lantern, and made sure Continue reading “Sky Lantern(孔明灯)”