Top 10 Classic Cameras

In the history of camera development, there are many innovative products that worth to mention. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was a French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. After his invention, the camera has been developing since that time. Let’s take a look these top 10 classic cameras in the camera history.

In 1839,  “Daguerre Camera” came out, is the first portable wooden box camera. At the same time, this photography skill called “Daguerre version of silver photography.” as the first camera in the world, it is a milestone in the photography history.


In 1888, Eastman Kodak Company release the Kodak box camera, called “The Kodak“. It is the first camera in the world which use the paper film. Its aperture is F/9,  shutter speed is 1/25”, and fixed focal length. When you take a photo within 2.5 meters, you will always get a clear image. This camera can use the 6 meters length film, and shoot up to 100 images. Which is the big improvement in the photography history.

The first color camera was invented by Louis Ducos du Hauron and Lesueur, made in Pairs, France in 1899. It uses 50mm X 130mm lithographic plate material, and its body has three filters, like red, yellow, and blue. Through the filters, the image would expose behind the glass plate, so you can get three different tones of black and white films. Then, use these color film can produce color photos.

In 1914, the founder of Leica Camera, Oskar Barnack, is the first person that use 35mm film to the camera. He released the first 135 film camera in the world. At the same time, it is the first camera of Leica Camera. They only produce two cameras of this model. Later, People called it”Ur-Leica.” From this time, it replaces the wooden classic camera.


In 1916, the first rangefinder camera in the world was invented by Eastman Kodak company. Kodak company based on the principle of special optical distance finder, they designed three-type linkage rangefinder device for 3A camera. It is another milestone in the camera development history. Since then, the depth of field can be adjustable.



In 1954, Leica Camera had the first shutter speed control mechanism and independent expose table linkage 35mm camera came out, the Leica M3. It is an excellent performance camera and the first camera of M section. So far, many other younger generation cameras still beyond it.

In 1960, a Japanese optical company, Pentax. They invented the light measurement technology (TTL), and developed the first single lens reflex camera in the world, called Pentax Spotmatic. The lens metering technology makes macro photography, wide-range photography, and telephoto photography with filters in a convenient way.

In 1969, Yashica company released the first auto exposure camera in the world, E35. Therefore, this camera is a great significance in electronic camera history. It achieved the automation of exposure and focus.





In 1976, Canon released the first camera with a priority microprocessor, automatic aperture automatic camera in the world, AE-1. It ‘s also the first electronic control automatic single-lens reflex camera. its body built with metal.




In 1977, Konica C35AF came out, it is the first automatic focus camera in the world. There is no manual focus function and lack of auto-focus locking device. However, it is well made of the industry design and production.